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This web-site is about investments in world financial markets: FOREX and CFD. Investments in Forex (Foreign Exchange) and CFD (stocks, futures) financial markets are becoming more popular because of the sound liquidity and the simple investment procedure. Besides analytical information on Forex and CFD, you can find here original articles on exchange written by Company experts who have unique experience in exchange business. You can also find all the things needed for opening and operating a trading account on Forex and CFD markets through the Internet on the web-site.

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Up-to-date investment instruments: FOREX and CFD

CFD is an agreement concluded for the difference between opening prices and closing prices of the position under a contract for various financial instruments. Currently the most liquid market, FOREX, may also be classified as a CFD market. While purchase of a EUR/USD contract at the currency market means conversion of the European currency into dollars, purchase of Intel stocks at the market of CFD contracts means conversion of dollars into Intel stocks. Investments in Forex and CFD have advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of investments in Forex are...

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Title: FOREX. CFD. Stocks. Investments. Internet Trading

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