Competition service

Competition / Asset management

To use the Competition service (the asset management of the Company's funds on competitive base), it is necessary:

  • To register at the site;
  • To receive an email with an activation line to the address, specified during registration;
  • To activate;
  • To transfer 500 USD for participation in the selection procedure;
  • To notify us about the transfer at our site in the section Account management -> Deposit;
  • To wait until the transfer to the Company's account is completed;
  • Upon receipt of the transfer, the Rate Streamer will be activated after entering you Password and Login. From this point on you can start trading;

You will be provided with a test competition account with the following parameters:

  • Balance: 25'000 USD;
  • Trading period: 3 months;
  • Set of trading instruments, spread, swap, etc. correspond to our Standard service;

For successful passing of the selection procedure, you have to demonstrate the following results in trading on the competition account:

  • Net profit: not less than 20%
  • Standard Lots: not less than 50;
  • Profitable transactions: not less than 50%;
  • Largest loss: not more than 500 USD per transaction;

Hence, you have to increase the initial deposit to 30'000 USD in 3 months or earlier; to conclude not less than 50 transactions; a half of transactions must be profitable; you should not lose more than 500 USD per transaction - to achieve this, you can use Stop-Loss Orders.

Fulfillment of these conditions signifies stable results and excludes accidental results.

In case of successful completion of the selection procedure, to receive funds to manage, you should:

  • Close all positions;
  • Notify us about successful completion of the selection procedure. You can do it at our site in the section Account management -> Client support;

Upon reviewing your results, we will allocate a trading account for you subject to the following conditions:

  • Balance: 10'000 USD;
  • Remuneration rate: 50% of net profit;

To withdraw profits, you need to notify us about in at our site in the section Account management -> Withdrawal.

After one year of successful work, our Company may offer you to operate a bigger deposit under favorable conditions. Conditions are individually negotiated.

Asset management

Note. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide this service to everyone who wants to participate. This type of service may be temporarily unavailable.

If you come across such a situation, try to register a few days later.

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